Stop by TODAY to secure your place at our NEW, STATE OF THE ART, 5 Lane Indoor Gun and Archery Range!!
 WE will be open to the public.
Non-Member Prices are $20.00 per hour, per lane, per person.

We will be offering 2 different memberships.
Both memberships include~ Head of household (the one who will shoot the most) spouse and children currently living with you.
So BOTH of our memberships are family friendly.

Silver Membership
~$175.00 per year
~All day access to one shooting lane for $8.00 for the day per person.

Gold Membership
~$399.00 per year
~No range fee for head of household
~Spouse and children range fee is $5.00 per day per person
~Exclusive access to in store specials and discounts
~10% off all range ammo

Bordertown guns is now a

Thank you for your business, and God Bless America!